今年も2月22日 猫の日がやってきましたね。犬猫をはじめ”もふもふ”の動物が大好きなのに猫アレルギーで悲しいので、Slackで #もふもふ -animals チャンネルを運営しているデザイナーの東根です。

Today is Cat Day in Japan - as 2-22, can sound like “nyan nyan nyan” (“meow meow meow”).

Hi! I’m VisasQ’s designer Kana. I love fluffy animals a lot. Some of you may have started to have pets after having more time at home due to COVID and I would like to offer a new conversation starter, the topic of your pets. I hope it will help you to relax after a hard day's work.

🐈‍ Cats


by A Yatabe @New York


I was originally a dog lover, but being too busy to go for walks, but still wanting a pet, I decided to consider a cat. First, I applied for a foster home with the ASPCA, a non-profit organization in NYC, to see what it would be like to adopt a cat, and I ended up taking care of Mill (then named Daniela) for a week. Although she had an image of a cool cat, she was friendly and sweet, and would come up to me when I called her...she was like a dog. After three days in the foster home, we decided that we didn't want to give him up and he became our official puppy.

Baron & Vivi(バロン & ビビ)

by Asuka Sawamura @Tokyo


They are both shelter cats, the little one (Vivi) is less than 3 months old and the big one (Baron) is about 1.5 years old, so they are still children! The little one is a very sweet little girl who is not afraid of anything, and the big one is very daring and shows her tail up and points her butt to the web camera during team MTG. Their owner uploads photos to her Slack room. We are proud to say that we provide a moment of healing to the team members who work hard every day!


by S Keller @Raleigh


Bear is a 5 year old gray tabby who was a street cat in Durham, NC before he was rescued. He loves to hunt birds and play with his lamb and sloth catnip toys. He is quite the personality and loves to zoom around in the morning and do acrobats. He loves to snuggle in bed and if its too bright while he's trying to sleep, he will cover his eyes!

Kinako & Nikki

by Rei Mizushima @Tokyo


Kinako (10 years old, ♀), the older cat with a timid character, is always chased around by Nikki (2 years old, ♂), a young and mischievous character, but she is now able to properly rebel once in every five times (see the picture). It is a great pleasure for me to see them like that.


by Naho Narita @ Tokyo


They are always watching me working from the cat tower next to my work desk. When it is almost time for me to finish my work, they get on my desk and interrupt my work as if to say, "Isn't it time for you to finish?”

Jeff & Salina

by C Hennessey @Raleigh


I adopted Jeff about a year and a half ago, he is a crazy little man. He loves to play in the sink and let the water run over him. I felt as though he needed a friend which is when I adopted Salina, about 2 weeks ago. In this short amount of time they have become best friends, chasing eachother every hour of the day but when its nap time, you can find them snuggled up together or bird watching out the window.


by Yurie Nakatsu @Tokyo


Sunflower-chan plays around with rubbers, string, and tape whenever she sees them. Every day she tries to steal my hair elastic, which I often use to tie my hair. She often stares at the corner of the room, making me wonder if there is a ghost or not, or if cats can see things. They often run away when I approach them, but if I leave them alone, they are always close by, and sometimes I don't even notice that they are behind me.

Eevee & Norris

by C Llewellyn @Raleigh


Norris is a goofy orange cat that loves humans! He is very talkative and loves playing with his sister Eevee. Eevee is named after the Pokemon. She's a little shy, but loves cuddles and napping in the sun. Norris is 3 years old and Eevee is 9.

Puku & Chiko(ぷく&ちこ)

by Ryoya Inoue @Tokyo


I have had a cat in my parents' house since before I was born! I often go to touch him and he often hates me, but once in a while he comes over to me and spoils me, which is cute.


by Akiko Ogawa @ Tokyo


In 2021, the year of the Corona disaster, we had a family meeting and after a huge debate about which Fluffy we would welcome into the family, we decided to get her. I had always had a dog at home, so I was overwhelmingly a dog person, but when a cat came into the family, he was so cute that I became a cat-dog person. He is a Somali, which is supposed to be a long-haired breed, but as you can see from the photo, he is a short-haired boy. He has the same fur color as the Hashiba-san's cat (a short-haired Abyssinian), so Hashiba-san told me "He is definitely an Abyssinian, not a Somali!” But either way, he's cute, so I don't care either way! LOL!


by C Crocco @Raleigh

トゥイッギーは甘えん坊で生意気! いつも注目の的でありたいと願っています。

Twiggy is sweet and sassy! She always wants to be the center of attention.


by A McCullough @New York


Sammie was raised as a Brooklyn bodega cat before joining our family. Because of his upbringing, he adores people and nothing fazes him. He is always looking for a lap to nap on or a neck to snuggle. Sammie loves being cozy, but took it too far one time when he sat too close to the fire and got a “sunburn” on his little pink face! He had all but two teeth removed, which gives him his unique smile.

Nico & Vivi

by Rie Gonokami @Tokyo


They both love their humans and follow me everywhere in the house. They always lead the way when climbing the stairs, which makes me think they are gentlemen (even though they are girls).


by I Sadovnik @Raleigh


My kitten is my co-worker, and he enjoys working at Coleman/VisasQ! Shelby always sits next to me at my desk, ensuring I do everything correctly and shadowing my calls. He sometimes even tries to join Teams meetings and listens carefully to those. In the picture I shared, you can see him napping from a draining morning at work.

🐕 Dogs

Micro & Khloe & Kleo

by M Ramirez @New York


Micro is an 16 year old Shih Tzu, Khloe is an 8 year old Cattle dog/wire fox terrier mix and Kleo is a 10 month old Lab. These 3 are our little babies and we try to take them on as many fun events & places that they allow dogs to enter.


by Hikari Senkawa @Tokyo


I share a house with 4 friends and this is the dog we welcomed in the house.He was abandoned at 6 months old and became a shelter dog. He is now so active and playful that it takes four of us to take care of him.


by A Juneau @Raleigh


Mila is a 7-year-old shihtzu chihuahua mix. She's the sweetest girl and loves to sit on my pink office chair while I work. She enjoys long walks through our apartment complex, belly rubs, her lamby toy, and treats :)

Mugi & Choco(むぎ&チョコ)

by Miyuki Honma @Tokyo


They are chihuahua brothers. They are long coat Chihuahuas and are shorn regardless of the season. Mugi weighs 6.4 kg and Choco 4.6 kg (average weight of Chihuahuas is 1-3 kg). My mother was trying to hold Mugi and got a back sprain. When we went to the veterinary clinic, the other owners asked her, "What breed is that...? It looks like a Chihuahua, but it's not a Chihuahua at that size...is it a Pug?” They say. But they are really adorable, gentle, innocent, and clingy.


by D Bernier @Raleigh


Named after a Traditional Cajun Sausage, he is 100% Good-Boy and enjoys butt rubs and salty snacks.


by Tatsuya Kobayashi @Tokyo


He is in my bed in my room all the time while I am at work. They also ask me about all of my work...is this a reputational risk? haha!

🐁 Rodent


by Nao Shinozaki @Tokyo

チンチラ。3歳の可愛いもふもふです!チンチラは地上で一番毛深い生き物とも言われています。つまり、king of もふもふと言っても過言ではないでしょう。飼育歴2年半程ですが、お触りはいまだにNGです>< 触るとブチ切れます><また、げっ歯目なのでなんでも噛みます。引越しした際、賃貸の修繕費は23万でした。毎日癒されてます〜!

Chinchilla Shirasu is a 3 year old adorable fluffer! Chinchillas are said to be the hairiest creatures on earth. In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that it is the king of fluffy. I have been keeping chinchillas for about 2 and a half years, but they still don't allow touching :'-( When I moved out of my house, the repair cost of my lease was 230,000 yen:-(  I am healed everyday~!


by Nanami Fujimoto @Tokyo


Djungarian Hamster(blue sapphire).I bought my first pet due to COVID for healing! I had no experience at all with dogs and cats, so I had the somewhat evil feeling that I might not be able to take care of them, so I decided to go for a hamster, but now they are my family idols! At first he didn't take to me at all and bit me until I bled, but now he has lost his wildness and will eat food in the palm of my hand:'-)

Special Thanks❤️💜💙


The idea for this project came about when I found the cat and dog pages of Figma, a design tool that I use every day. I am very healed. xoxo.