Letter from VISASQ SINGAPORE#1:海を越えてシンガポールチーム、Chauがお届け

Letter from VISASQ SINGAPORE#1:海を越えてシンガポールチーム、Chauがお届け


今日は「シンガポール便り」の1回目ということでシンガポールオフィスで働くChau Hoangのインタビューを英語・日本語両バージョンでお送りします!

Chau Hoang(チャウ・ホアン)
Hi! :D
My name is Chau Hoang, one of the first members of VQ Singapore team.
I’m Vietnamese, born and grown up in Vietnam ;)
I did my Bachelor's Degree in Vietnam and decided to pursue higher education in Germany where I completed my Master’s in Management at ESMT Berlin in 2019. My major is Innovative Management, with a focus on Global and Digital Strategy.

(English Version)

Q1. Why did you decide to join VisasQ?

I’ve relocated to Singapore since Jan 2020 for family reasons.
It happened that VisasQ opened the first overseas office in Singapore in Jan 2020… Such a coincidence! Maybe fated to be a member of VisasQ.
Actually I can imagine a startup culture in VisasQ where we have a chance to work closely together in a small and compact team. This also means there are more things to do, learn and improve everyday as one would need to understand the general picture and other members' responsibilities to support one another.
In addition, I always enjoy doing research work and managing projects, I enjoy challenging myself with deadlines and targets.

I used to take up a traineeship program in Singapore and also stayed in Singapore to do research for my master’s thesis. I’ve also travelled to Singapore every now and then to visit my friends. However, this time is different as I have my family here with me and hopefully will reside in Singapore for a long time.

Q2. Let me know about the Singapore team/office.

Singapore is VQ’s first overseas office, we are trying to develop business, market and reach out to new international clients, at the same time, support Tokyo team with consultation requests whose target regions are not Japan.
Our team is pretty small at the moment. Due to COVID situation, we all have been working remotely, yet we always try to be more bonding with each other through daily meetings and huddles. 

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The office is located in the financial center of Singapore, our office is easily accessible by MRT and buses. There are a lot of eateries, cafes, shopping centers, retailers nearby.
I haven’t got a chance to walk inside our Singapore office. My first interview took place in a cafe on the ground floor of the office building. Hopefully, I will be able to experience VisasQ Singapore office soon after the circuit breaker in Singapore is over.

Q3. What is your role in the Singapore team? What do you enjoy?

At the moment, my main role is Research Manager (RM), who receives projects from PM and is responsible for recruiting and communicating with advisors.
I enjoy sourcing, and pitching Advisors' profile to clients. Especially, when it is a very strong candidate I get the feel of a potential matching. Yet It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy other administrative work, in a way it enhances my patience and supports the consolidation of my search results.

Personally I have been trying out which method works best for different situations and realize flexibility is very important. For example, for general requests such as “price prediction of gas in India” OR “market trends of window sash industry in Thailand”, a phone call with advisors can be a faster method. However, for specific discussion topics that require data collection, an email would do a better job.
It is also very different when talking to European advisors, Asian advisors, and advisors in my home country Vietnam. Perhaps the tip is to strike the balance between the client’s expectations, discussion topics, advisors’ culture, time zone, working styles, etc.

Q4. What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy gym, swimming, cooking, shopping, and talking to my family members, and friends. Besides, I'm a passionate traveller. I guess nowadays most of our time is spent online so I try to spend more time offline as much. I also watch shows and listen to music, but now they are no longer my main focus.
My online time now is more about updating current social and economic status, maybe picking up some new skills or researching about a topic that I’m suddenly interested in.


Q5. When do you feel happy about the work you do?

The best thing about the sales job is when you get the deal or “matching” in our term. I feel most accomplished and motivated when I can bring in suitable advisors for clients.
I do enjoy my work but of course, it gets stressful sometimes especially when there are too many projects and advisors are unresponsive. However most of the time I know I’m learning new things from each project and I can see myself improving every day.
VisasQ will surely develop and be more and more successful on a global level. Singapore team VQG will grow bigger and more diverse with many team members from different countries. Of course, I always want to be part of VisasQ’s success.


Q1. ビザスクに参画したきっかけは?




Q2. シンガポールチーム/オフィスについて教えて下さい 


でも、コロナウイルスの影響でまだ私自身は採用面接以来、オフィスに出勤したことがありません。Circuit breaker(シンガポールの緊急事態宣言)が解けて、オフィスに出勤できる日を楽しみにしています!

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Q3. 担当業務について教えて下さい




Q4. お休みの日はどう過ごしていますか?



Q5. どんな仕事をしているときが楽しいですか?





「知見と、挑戦をつなぐ」 私たちは、知見=ナレッジのプラットフォームを活用し「スポットコンサル」をはじめとする、様々なサービスを提供しています。100人を超えた私たちが、互いをよく知り学び合えるように。そして、社外の方にもっと私たちを知ってもらえるように。ビザスクエアを始めます。