真のグローバルカンパニーを目指して。PMI最前線の私が見ているもの。 ー Aiming for a true global company: What I see on the forefront of PMI

こんにちは!CSO室 室長の椋野です。
私は、2017年1月にビザスクに入社し、PF事業部及びグローバル事業開発部のチームリーダーを経て、Coleman Researchの買収後から現在、ロサンゼルスに駐在しているのですが、光陰矢の如しとはよく言ったもので、こちらでの生活も気付かぬうちに2年目を迎えていました。

Hello there! I'm Mami, the head of the CSO department.
I joined VISASQ in January 2017 and worked as a team leader in both the PF division and the Global Business Development division. Since the acquisition of Coleman Research, I have been stationed in Los Angeles and, before I knew it, I was in my second year of living here. Time flies so quickly!

端羽さんが出張でアメリカに来た時の一枚 / Dinner with LA team and Eiko

私の現在の役割は、CSOである瓜生さんの下でHead of Integrationとして従事しています。
加えて、瓜生さんはHead of EMEA / APACでもあるため、私もロンドン・シンガポール・香港オフィスとのやり取りも多く、まさにグローバルを感じる日々です。

My current role is as Head of Integration, working under Hide, who is our CSO. As there is a lot of communication between the relatively large bases of the US and Japan, we have established our base on the West Coast, where it is easy to communicate with both sides. In addition, Hide is also Head of EMEA / APAC, so I also have frequent exchanges with the London, Singapore, and Hong Kong offices, making me feel truly global on a daily basis. 
I wanted to share a brief update on my current situation, as I am playing a leading role in the integration of two companies into one.

1.日々のスケジュールと業務内容 ー My daily schedule and work

例えば本日は、渡部さん@東京(VP of Product)・喜多さん@東京(VP of Engineering)・風間さん@東京(VP of Product)と昨晩議論したデータベースの統合に関するトピックを、Isaak@東海岸(Chief Technology Officer)・Jonas@東海岸(VP of Product Management)・Alex@ロンドン(VP of Product Management)と話しました。

My daily schedule and tasks involve starting with meetings with London or East Coast team members in the morning. The topics range from product and internal flow maintenance, to checking the status of each delivery team and discussing them. 

For example, today's discussion was about integrating a database topic that I had discussed with Watanabe-san (VP of Product in Tokyo), Kita-san (VP of Engineering in Tokyo), and Kazama-san (VP of Product in Tokyo) last night, with Isaak (Chief Technology Officer in the East Coast), Jonas (VP of Product Management in the East Coast), and Alex (VP of Product Management in London).

We discuss everything from the big picture of the business to the specifications of data tables across borders, with the aim of creating better services every day. 


After those meetings, as each office gradually closes from London to the East Coast and back, I concentrate on tasks such as creating materials and analyzing data, and sometimes I take a walk to buy coffee. 

Today, I had a discussion with Amanda from the product team on how to proceed with a particular analysis and how to define the data. She knows every piece of data and its background and always provides new perspectives, which is stimulating. 


In the evening, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong begin to open, and we start texting and having meetings. Many people start meetings early to consider the time difference, and I appreciate their warmth.

Today, I reported to the management team in Asia that a large-scale internal system-related project that I had been involved in for about a year has finally ended. I am proud that the project, which involved the efforts of many people including Ito-san, who won the grand prize in the recent VISASQ Award, has ended in great success. After the release, many people sent us "thank you" messages across the sea, and the memory of how difficult it was faded away. 




After finishing work, I went to dinner with Kanna, the first employee to transfer from Japan to the United States. I was amazed by how quickly she caught up and continued to deliver results on part with the US team after her assignment in the US, truly impressive. She is always willing to help me when I need someone’s help for my integration work, and we are truly grateful for her help.

2.出張 ー Business Trip

各チームと2 - 3時間ずつのディスカッション。

Recently, I visited the Raleigh office, the largest hub in the United States, with Eiko and Hide.
The office was so crowded that we couldn't find any seats, which made us feel happy.
We had 2-3 hours of discussion with each team. We discussed many topics, including commonalities with Japan and the challenges that stand out in the fiercely competitive American market in our industry. It was a very meaningful time.

コーヒー休憩に行こうと誘われたが、話し込む端羽と瓜生 / I was invited to take a coffee break, but Eiko and Hide continued their discussion.
週末にリフレッシュがてらトレッキングに行ったが、尚話し込む端羽と瓜生 / We went trekking over the weekend to refresh ourselves, but Eiko and Hide continued their discussion even then.
もちろんチームと楽しいひと時も / Of course, we also had enjoyable moments with the team.


After this business trip, Hide went on a world tour, visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and London.
Of course, even in our daily work, we often communicate with colleagues from around the world via text or video conferencing, but I have also visited various offices myself and realized the importance of sitting down and talking face-to-face with colleagues.

3.駐在を通して ー Through My Overseas Assignment


My role involves being involved in everything related to bringing together two separate companies that were previously working independently, with the aim of utilizing each other's strengths, helping each other, and learning from each other to grow as a true global company. Witnessing the process of becoming one entity and providing further opportunities and value to our clients and experts who are using our services, gives me excitement. 
At the same time, I am grateful every day for the support of not only my colleagues who worked with me in Japan, but also all people in various offices who are willing to help me with my sometimes unreasonable (hopefully not…) requests. I strongly feel the need to continue building a foundation for even greater results.